An environmental alarm is one that helps to protect your property from damage caused by extremes in our environment. Freezing conditions are the common concern but sensing high water in a sump, low fuel oil, or furnace failure can all be covered too. In fact, if a condition exists, odds are we can come up with a way to monitor it. This peace of mind protection can be installed “standalone” or as part of a complete security/fire system.

While NO System can guarantee that you could not suffer a loss or property damage, they can greatly reduce your exposure to the devastation that can occur should a pipe burst when no one is around to know. Most insurance companies give discounts for any type of protective system so contact yours to see what discounts might apply. Imagine the peace of mind from knowing that your property is being monitored 24/7, whether you're there or not.

Environmental detection devices such as flood sensors, sump level monitors, furnace failure tie-in, low fuel oil sensors, temperature sensors, and even gas or carbon monoxide detectors can all be an integral part of a security or fire alarm system or can be set up for stand-alone operation if environmental detection is all you need or want. In most cases a system can also be added to later if your needs change.

We offer a starter environmental detection system that includes one fixed (40°F) low temperature sensor, power failure alert, the control equipment, installation, & programming for a very low installation fee and response center monitoring for under $150.00 per season. Depending on your home you may wish to have additional sensors installed to better cover your building. This is especially true where multi-zone heat is used or where there are typically large discrepancies in the temperature of different areas of the home.

With a system like this the monitoring response center services are usually only active from November thru May. If you add sensors that need to work year round like gas, carbon monoxide, or perhaps even water sensors, then you should plan on paying year round for monitoring response center services. In that case many people find that it's worth their while add basic security and/or fire protection (you're already paying for the monitoring response center services anyway) even if only for the additional discount that is likely to be given by your insurance company because of the extra protection.