Commercial fire alarm systems can help save lives and reduce the losses that might be experienced in a catastrophic fire. Smoke or heat detectors can usually be added to any of our security systems to round out your protection. In commercial environments a complete dedicated fire alarm system may be required to meet local & National codes.

This type of alarm system has many advantages to protect your life and property including:

  • The ability to summon the Fire Department for immediate action whether you are at home or away.
  • A control panel that has backup battery power to operate the system in the event of a power failure.
  • If one fire sensor picks up a fire, all of the notification devices activate to make sure that you know a fire has been detected.

Your local fire marshal may require a fire alarm system based upon the occupancy of the building. The occupancy of a building is determined by how the building or portion of the building is used. There are different requirements for schools, offices or other types of uses. Check with your local fire marshal or your alarm company to determine the requirements for your application.

Fire protective systems can provide the early warning needed to help afford the safety you want for your business. Let CIA Security help you plan a system that provides the extra peace of mind you deserve!

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The DMP integrated system is the ideal solution for a variety of applications. The DMP system is comprehensive and feature-rich, allowing you to install one panel for applications such as intrusion, fire, access control, and networks. Click here to visit the DMP Web site.

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